Workplace Productivity Findings 2013  completed by Employerbility & Integrated Research

The Ernst & Young Australian Productivity PulseTM began checking Australian Workers ‘sentiments’ about individual and organisational productivity 18 months ago. The latest findings report that 85% of workers could be more productive, and 21% said that just a few things would need to change. These things were: poor staff management, lack of motivation & reward and recognition.

We wanted to extend on this study further and explore the impact distraction and overload had on productivity as a result of the massive increase in information we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Our sample of 435 ‘volunteer’ respondents revealed that distraction not only had a significant impact on workplace productivity, but it appears to have created a ‘false perception’ of being productive. In actual fact, people were not ‘doing what they were paid to do’ – yet reported being productive which has created a ‘silent or invisible’ pandemic of poor productivity.

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