Is your work schedule full to the brim? Do you often find yourself squeezing work n between lunch breaks? If you really are that much of a workaholic, you might even be the type to multitask two or more activities at once.

This habit may work for a while, but it will surely get the better of you in one way or another, if it hasn’t yet. The solution is not to keep moving forward, or to take an entire day’s break off work.

In his TED talk, Andi Puddicombe believes that the secret to increased productivity and mental focus is meditation. You don’t have to repeatedly chant something, nor sit in uncomfortable positions.

What Andi suggests, rather, is something that’s so easy and comes at so small a price compared to the positive results you stand to gain in the end: 10 full minutes of mindfulness. For 10 minutes, do not think of your problems or your preoccupations. Simply be in the present, and focus on the now. Doing this regularly, you will find, will make you happier, healthier, and more productive at work.

In a fast paced world 10 minutes seems like an insignificant period of time. I challenge you to experience 10 mindful minutes and observe how slow time can move when we are not preoccupied or distracted with a shopping list of items.

Watch the video here.