The evidence that HR-led corporate-wide annual surveys  only results in declining engagement has become too compelling to ignore. A study of 200,000 employees by Netsurvey, working with Bain & Co, showed the lowest engagement scores among tenured employees, those performing sales and service functions, and those at the front lines. It’s obviously time to re-evaluate the role of HR in engagement initiatives.  

        There’s a direct link between liking ones supervisor and being engaged.  According to data, 87% of highly engaged employees also gave a high rating of their direct supervisor. It is the supervisors that should take the lead as catalysts in employee engagement.

        Supervisors aren’t traditionally trained to engage employees—and this is where the HR comes in again. HR must tailor a unique training program for every leader to better engage their employees.

       Listen to the field technicians, call center representatives and sales specialists—those at the front line, and who interact with the customers on a personal basis—as dong so will not only increase their engagement levels, but will also allow the company to finetune their tactics to better satisfy the customers.

       Divide your engagement tactics depending on the employee segment. Your employees are as diverse as they come.

       Focus on the quality, not on reaching the metrics. While it’s tempting to benchmark and rank your progress, what really matters is the dialogues that are created.

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