Books we recommend

One of our biggest passions is continuing to develop our own thinking and support others in sharing thought leadership around high performance in the workplace.

To support you we have provided details of those books that we love that may be of interest. Enjoy, and if you have read a book you love feel free to get in touch and share it with us.


Free tools to play with

The internet provides us with so much amazing information and opportunities. Consistently immersed in our area of expertise – we wanted to share any free tools or resources that we come across.


Interviews with experts

Interested in hearing from our thought leaders or other inspiring experts in our network?  Many more interviews will be coming to this page over the next month so keep an eye out!


Research & insights

Key to our belief around driving sustainable performance in organisations is evidence based decision making. We are actively involved in our own research projects to help progress the thinking of Australian organisations.

Check out our most recent research on Productivity in the Workplace together with other great insights from like minded professionals.