Interview with Dr Lucia Kelleher   Sustainable Behaviour Change

One of the Employerbility Thought Leaders, Dr. Lucia Kelleher is a leading edge thinker and an expert in human behaviour helping businesses work with their people to overcome resistance to changing behaviour in the workplace. With a PHD in Neuroscience, Lucia helps our clients understand the brain science of sustainable performance and sustainable change.

Today Lucia shares her model around how to create sustainable behaviour change in organisations. 

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Interview with Barbara Arrowsmith Young  Audio Interview ABC

Barbara Arrowsmith Young was born with severe learning disabilities, but as an adult she managed to completely overcome them by changing her own brain.The emerging science of neuroplasticity has found that the brain is more organic and more repairable than science had previously suspected.

The life and work of Barbara Arrowsmith Young confirms it and she shares her story in this fascinating interview.  Listen to the Interview Now

Working with Mindfulness   Interview with IMD Professor George Kohlrieser and Google’s Mirabai Bush

Mirabai Bush, a key adviser to Google’s Search Inside Yourself curriculum, explores the role of mindfulness in negotiations with George Kohlrieser, an organizational and clinical psychologist and veteran hostage negotiator.

The discussion with Professor Kohlrieser focuses on his experience of applying mindfulness methods to promote calmness and compassion during negotiations and difficult conversations.Kate Saw Professor Kohlrieser present at the Neuroleadership Summit in NYC 2012 where his presentation centered around ‘Care to Dare’. This video provides some very interesting insights building on this concept.