With Employee Engagement on nearly every organisation’s strategic agenda, it clear that it is a priority for organisations. For some it is an active part of their business strategy, a way to build competitive advantage within their industry and a tool to retain top talent. Unfortunately for many though, it is window dressing with very little depth to implementation and subsequently any results.

  • Need to do something more than a survey once a year?
  • Even better, want to understand the survey results further and make some changes?
  •  Stuck on what to do next? How to convince your organisation that they need to invest more in their people?

Specialists in Employee Engagement at the individual and strategic level, we bring our experience together with our unique Strategic management skills to help you build or expand on your organisations People Performance and culture.



The productivity and motivation of a team is a reflection of its leader. As a manager your “health” is integral to that of your team’s so it makes sense to take the time to have a “check up”. At Employerbility we like to see ourselves as vehicles that transport a person from where they are currently in their life to where they would like to be; coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, development and learning of another. It is your responsibility as a team leader to take the time to self evaluate and develop as a leader because through this your team develops alongside you and you both take big steps towards achieving your goals, individually and combined.


Workshops & Training

On the job training is the most common, if not sole method of training. Whilst it requires less investment than formal training courses, organisations are relying on existing managers to collate their experiences and skills and present it in an efficient and most importantly effective manner. With people management sited as the toughest part of any role, consider the impact on your organisation of up skilling your employees to excel in this area.