• Need a tailored approach to employee engagement and performance?
  • Are your employees tired of being asked the question with little action by management on feedback provided?
  • Do you have the survey data but struggling to identify the insights in a way that is meaningful for your Executive?
  • Are you tired of being asked to justify the ‘return on investment’ of your people initiatives?

Specialists in Employee Engagement and Performance at the individual and strategic level, we bring experience together with our unique management skills to help you build or expand your organisations people performance and culture.

Listen to Kate talk about the 9 Step Engagement Ladder – your road map to creating engagement that drives returns in your organisation.

Strategic Review & Reporting | Employee Survey Results

Don’t ask the question, if you are not willing to do something with the responses. Yet how many times have we seen this happen?

Surveys are not strategies. They are however a powerful tool to gain insights and understand the people story within your organisation. Restricted by capacity or capability, we work with you and the strategic direction of your organisation to analyse the impact of survey results and provide suggestions for improvement.

The purpose of this process is to ensure that survey results are reviewed and transitioned into a change process so that not only is engagement or other key people data measured, it is continually improved in response to the feedback received.

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Employee Survey Solutions | Engagement & Performance (Powered by PeoplePulse)

Employee Surveys today are a popular and easy way to check in with your employees to see where they are at and collect ideas for improving the performance of the organisation. Utilising the incredibly diverse online survey software tool PeoplePulse™ , we partner with our colleagues at Quintessential to deliver survey projects for our clients. PeoplePulse enables you to design, manage, deploy and report on all types of surveys and questionnaires from any browser, anywhere. One of the great things about PeoplePulse is that there is no need to download and install software as the entire application is delivered over the Internet. Quick, easy and most importantly a tailored approach to talking to your people and providing them with a voice to be heard.

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Employee Focus Groups & Workshops | Facilitation, Insights & Reporting

Focus Groups – Designed to obtain further intelligence & insight into the meaning of the survey results, this process facilitates a selection of workshops with 15-20 employees designed to understand further key areas of concern that were identified as part of the survey process. As part of this session, proposed solutions or initiatives are discussed at a high level to understand employee perception around their success should they be considered for further implementation.

Manager Engagement Workshops- These sessions are designed to:

  • Brief groups of approx 15-20 line managers on survey results
  • Obtain further intelligence around any key areas of concern
  • Collate ideas or opportunities for improvement for management’s consideration in a finding’s report.

This process not only engages your key stakeholders with survey results, it leverages their ideas and solutions to be incorporated into the change process.

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People Analytics & Insights| Metrics and Measurement

The Return on Investment (ROI) for people initiatives can often be in question, particularly when many of the returns are often intangible and difficult to quantify in terms of dollars.

Employerbility’s Human Capital Scorecard has been designed following years of local (Australian) research and consultation with experts in both the senior finance and HR professions. Starting with the end in mind, we work with your organisation to design and implement a scorecard that talks to and quantifies key areas of risk to the organisations strategic direction.
Example projects include;

  • Human Capital Scorecard
  • ROI | Learning and Development initiatives
  • MesureChange®

Download Sample Scorecard

Download L&D ROI model

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Employer Brand Strategic Review

Employer Brand is the perception by both current employees and potential employees in the market of the workplace experience in an organisation. Understanding your brand and subsequently ensuring that your people strategies are in alignment with the relevant message is crucial to securing new talent & engaging & retaining your current employees.

An Employer Brand review will identify the current employee value proposition living in an organisation, assess it against the organisation’s values and recommend initiatives to integrate and expand the internal brand positioning to enhance its contribution to the organisation and your workplace experience.

Many organisations have a dynamic brand proposition growing organically in their organisation. Partnering with our brand experts to provide strategic direction ensures that these benefits are experience internally, in the eyes of current employee and externally, for those potential employees who may align with the organisation.

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