At Employerbility we believe that for training to have a real impact in terms of driving sustainable behavioural change and performance it must be integrated throughout time and on the job. All our programs incorporate the latest research to ensure learning that lasts.

Qualified experts and mentors who have both subject matter expertise and practical corporate experience facilitate all our programs. The combination of program design together with delivery ensures your investment drives sustainable behavioural change and performance.

Development Programs

Committed to tangible returns on investments all our significant development programs incorporate our MesurePeople® process to understand and measure program outcomes. A key part of creating sustainable change is both accountability and the ability to measure progress.

Emerging & Experienced Leadership Development | Sustaining the High Performance Professional

Investing in leaders is critical to overall organisational performance today and into the future. Growing leaders and performance role models is a more effective way of building an organisations capability.

Ideally the design of this program begins with some research with key stakeholders within the organisation to determine the capability gaps and success measures. From here we design a multi faceted dynamic program that will leverage in house expertise and drive sustainable behavioural change and performance.

Programs typically consist of a selection of modules based on evidence collected during the research part of the program. Each module consists broadly of pre work, face-to-face training 3-4 hours and follow up process including peer, group and in some cases individual coaching. Modules can be modified dependant on client needs & budgets so please contact us if you would like to discuss options for program flexibility.

Whilst program designs are tailored specifically to client needs we have provided below a sample program that is often used as a basis for program design at this level.

Download a sample of an emerging Leader Development Program

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Employee Engagement and Performance Program | Action Learning

We know that creating space for leaders to reflect, learn and do on a consistent basis is the most powerful way of creating tangible change for busy professionals. As such, this short sharp program is designed to

  • Build knowledge and awareness of performance capability,
  • Reinforce the organisation’s expectations around people management, &
  • Hold people accountable for building their performance in this area.

The action-learning program is typically delivered across a 6-month period (1 module every 6 weeks) for groups of approximately 20 people.


The following represents a sample program that is very popular with our client base.

  • Module 1: Your Role in People Engagement and Performance
  • Module 2: Informal Coaching
  • Module 3: The Role of the Formal Performance Management Process
  • Module 4: The Value of Feedback

We strongly encourage the integration of any past trainings/philosophy’s /models so as to continue to reinforce and embed the impact of this experience. We are happy to work with you to understand and then design the program so that it complements other training programs provided.

Other module suggestionsinclude:

  • Constructive Career Conversations
  • Managing Under Performance
  • Managing High Performance
  • Resilience Through Change
  • Unpacking Motivation & Engagement
  • Communication Skills
    • Communication Preferences | Extended Disc
    • Social & Emotional Intelligence
    • Emotional Resilience

Need a tailored program that will provide consistent support and development to your people managers? Contact us today to understand how the Action Learning Model can drive improved performance for your leaders and their teams

NeuroPerformance | The Secret to Sustaining High Performance Thinking

This 6-month development program is based on the key fundamental elements of sustaining high performance similar to that of an elite athlete. Today, the brain is in constant overload meaning our ability to function at our best is compromised. Emails, phone calls, social media, meetings are just a few of the core distractions that minimise our ability to focus and be productive. When asked – most people will respond as ‘busy’. The truth is that people are not busy; they are just distracted most of the day making it close to impossible to get quality work done. This program works with participants to educate them on how the brain operates, what they can do to enhance their productivity (and performance) in the workplace & then holds them accountable to build the discipline and training to transition this knowledge into behaviours.

The program is customised to both individuals and organisations to ensure that clear measures of success are identified and then measured throughout the course of the program. In addition to facilitator lead support the program leverages peer and manager coaching to ensure accountability is encouraged from all stakeholders.

Areas of focus may include;

  • Managing information | email, people, to do list – to be more productive in a day
  • Training focus and attention | discipline around attention training and focus to deliver quality outcomes in shorter time frames
  • Managing emotional distractions – difficult conversations /distracted with a big meeting coming up next week or nerves for a presentation
  • Information overload/overwhelm – Too much to do / stress & overwhelm
  • Creativity & innovation | accessing and using the capability that really exists

Tired of having busy, burnt out and probably unproductive highly paid professionals impacting the performance of your organisation? Contact us today to understand how NeuroPerformance can drive improved outcomes for both your people and your organisation

Half Day or Bespoke Workshops

Employee Engagement Bootcamp– driving engagement from the bottom up (1 day)

Discovering the key to what drives engagement as an individual employee and also as a member of a team, is an integral part of success. It has been said thousands of times before that a motivated employee is an engaged employee and an engaged employee is productive, happy, satisfied and ultimately high performing.

It sounds so simple, but discovering what truly motivates oneself is not always so. Help your employees discover the key to understanding their own engagement and motivation in the workplace. The Employee Engagements Bootcamp will do this and also develop and implement a personalised strategy to encourage continuous employee led engagement in the workplace.

This one-day workshop will reveal the key to unlocking massive engagement and motivation potential of any employee. PLUS each participant closes the day with a customised engagement profile and action plan to begin implementing immediately!

Need to drive engagement from the bottom up? Contact us today to learn how a strategy of employee led engagement can drive results in your organisation

The Overloaded Brain | It’s about Brain Management not Time Management ( ½ Day)

  • Multi Tasking is a myth
  • You are not busy, you are distracted
  • Working harder does not drive better performance
  • You are addicted to emails

When asked, most respond with busy. Busy is not productive nor does it equate to sustainable high performance.

The truth is people are not busy; they are just distracted throughout most of the day which means the ability to get real work done is constantly compromised.

We operate today in an environment that is constantly bombarding us with things to do, people to see and items to think about. For many – this translates to a consistent state of overwhelm with limited or very brief relief throughout the day.

The sustainable solution is not time management, less work or more holidays (most of which is unlikely or ineffective). The answer is learning how to operate the machine that drives performance, the brain; in the environment we now live.

This program teaches people how we as humans’ process information and how overload from too much ‘stuff’ has radically impacted our ability to process change. We then look at how we can adapt our current workplace habits and strategies to drive better productivity – greatly improving performance.

Tired of having busy, burnt out and probably unproductive highly paid professionals impacting the performance of your organisation? Contact us today to understand how we can drive improved thinking and performance for both your people and your organisation

Performance is about People | The Social & Emotionally Intelligent Professional ( ½ Day)

Research shows social & emotional intelligence matters

  • Top reasons for losing customers: 70% are related to lack of S+EI
  • 50% of time wasted in business is due to lack of trust, a key S+EI competency
  • The top reasons careers are derailed are related to a lack of S+EI

Social and emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own emotions and those of others, in the moment, and to use that information to manage our relationships and ourselves.

Organisations who have run Social & Emotional Intelligence in the workplace have experienced clear ROI in the following areas;

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased sales and profits
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduce sick days and even health care costs

This program introduces participants to the Social & Emotional Intelligence Framework and includes the completion of an individual Social & Emotional Intelligence profile;subsequent action planning and accountability follow up.

Do you know that a lack of social and emotional intelligence in your people is impacted sales, productivity or career development? Contact us today to understand how The Social & Emotionally Intelligent Professional can drive improved outcomes for both your people and your organisation

Building Resilience in the Workplace ( ½ Day)

Our resilience, or capacity to bounce back and even thrive in pressured times, is critical in workplaces today. With higher workloads, declining resources and frequent change, together with the hectic pace of personal lives, resilience is critical to success in the workplace both as an individual & as a leader. Resilient people are more optimistic, adaptable and independent. They are also better at solving problems and have sound levels of self-control. Resilience can be learned the hard way, through sustained levels of pressure & stress which can often lead to burnout, or through a process of self awareness and the application of tools and techniques that can help build an individual’s skills in emotional, mental & physical resilience.

This program teaches your people to understand their current capacity for resilience in the workplace, introduces them to the pillars or resilience; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual and transitions this into a personal responsibility for creating a sustainable work life balance.

Tired of people complaining of a lack of work life balance? Contact us today to understand how to create a culture where work life balance is the responsibility of each individual

Constructive Career Conversations ( ½ Day)

Career development opportunities are one of the top drivers when it comes to engaging and retaining talent. Unfortunately other priorities often get in the way of taking that next step in extending performance management discussions into meaningful career conversations. In fact we know from research that the annual performance management process, for most, is simply a tick the box exercise.

This program looks at the crucial elements of a constructive career conversation and introduces participants to the tools that will facilitate career clarity. From here the focus is on creating personal responsibility and accountability at an individual employee level to ensure it is employees who drive these conversations and proactively manage their own career in partnership with the organisation.

Is career development a strong driver of engagement and performance in your organisation? Do you need to provide support to help people facilitate and drive this process themselves? Contact us today to understand how Constructive Career Conversations can drive career development for your oragnisation

Coaching for Performance

One of the best ways to improve thinking is through coaching!

As a leader, coaching is one of the most powerful opportunities to drive sustainable performance in your organisation. Simply, coaching is the ability to ask another individual powerful questions with the implicit understanding that they have the answers within. At Employerbility we view coaching as the opportunity to improve the thinking capability of people and ultimately drive sustainable performance.

Based on our personal experience of being a coach, and now coaching high performing professionals, we have identified the following key modules that can be tailored to design a development program that will build the coaching and thinking capabilities of your leaders.

  • Establishing a High Performance Framework
  • Coaching 101 – Coaching Basics
  • Enhancing Performance through Feedback
  • Delegation as a Coaching Tool
  • Coaching with Social & Emotional Intelligence
  • 4 Dialects of the English Language –How Individual Communication Preferences can Impact Performance
  • A Strengths Based Approach to Coaching

Download Module Overviews

Development programs are tailored to capability requirements of the organisation and include our signature MesurePeople® process together with a dynamic integrated approach to learning that lasts.

Need to build the coaching capability of your leaders? Contact us today to understand how implementing a development program like Coaching for Performance can drive improved outcomes for both your people and your organisation

The Productivity Project

The optimal organisation in today’s world requires the collective “We” to be high performing and sustainable. By default, modern life has caused “brain overload” where so many individuals and businesses are simply in survival mode. The speed of change with technology and the amount of ‘stuff’ that our brain has to process everyday is simply too much to deal with.

The Productivity Project will focus on:

1. Understanding what ‘productivity’ is in your organization and assess current roadblocks
2. Teach people why old strategies in the past are locking them unconsciously into survival mode
3. Upgrade the operating system of your people so they can work smarter not harder
4. Implement an action plan to deliver increased productivity and sustained performance.

Employerbility is committed to improving workplace productivity and performance. The Productivity Project utilises new technology to track behaviour change throughout the training to ensure sustainable results that will have a lasting impact on your business.

Download the Productivity Project here.